This page is dedicated to fellow unsigned musicians whose music, I reckon, deserves a listen. Check them out!

Verity White

​​Verity White is an award-winning singer (Akademia Awards : Best Alt-Rock Single, Nominee Best Female Artist : Wigwam Online Radio Awards) with an exciting and powerful voice, who expresses a vast range of emotion in her music. Her sound has been described as "Stevie Nicks turned up to 11, fronting Foo Fighters meets Royal Blood.

The Whippet Beans

​we're a daft band of idiots who know how to tickle funny bones and stimulate funky footwork... folk, funk, reggae, metal, punk, pop, pirate and parsnip....we call it 'wonky bonk'.

Chris Watkins

​​Chris Watkins is an American musician-singer-songwriter. Hailing from Alaska, Watkins is the founding member of the band the Drunk Poets.

Ghostly Beard

Enigmatic visionary Ghostly Beard pens emotive prog-pop. From the vaults of his prismatic artistry he issues a clutch of EPs and albums.

Captain SIB

We've been making music now for nearly 20 years. You may never have seen us and that's ok. We just enjoy making interestingly different music. We have no main style, you should see the wardrobe.​

Jon Magnusson

​Jon Magnusson is a Swedish songwriter/musician/producer/audio engineer from Stockholm, Sweden. With a great width in music taste he also likes to blend a lot of influences into his creative process. That said, if put in a category, the music he plays is independent folk rock, with inspiration from such different styles like punk, jazz and old school soul.

Glenn Maltman

​​Keyboard Man Composer for Indie Film Radio & TV.Sometimes played on the radio.The writer of your next Theme Tune, pleeeease.