Dee goes on to say "This guy has oodles of talent and writes such smooth yet surprisingly intricate musical masterpieces.” A strong emphasis on melody is what sets John's music apart from other instrumental guitarists, making it tuneful, accessible and ultimately, great music to listen to whether or not you consider yourself "into" the guitar. That's not to say he doesn't cut loose and play soaring solos, but they're always there to serve the song and are never an excuse for indulgent egotism.

A Musician For All Seasons

John Robson

Once heard, never forgotten” is what Dee Wold, Assistant Producer at Metro and TFM radio says about John Robson's 2014 album “Portraits”. The album is a collection of original, instrumental jazz guitar pieces inspired by John's love of cool jazz & hard bop music from the late '50s to the mid '60s. With nods to jazz guitar greats such as Grant Green, Jim Hall and Kenny Burrell, the album features up-tempo blues influenced shuffles alongside heart warming ballads and laid back smooth grooves.

John is the archetypal journeyman musician, having played professionally since the early '90s. He's played in every genre you can name and some you probably can't – metal, folk, blues, pop, classic rock and jazz. He describes his career as “A series of gigs with whatever band would have me. Even if I didn't understand the music I was playing, I took it as an opportunity to learn something.” Recently he quit his lucrative gig with a top-40 covers band to concentrate on his recording work, as well as nurturing the talent of the roster of private students he teaches.

John's previous recorded output has covered many musical bases. For example, his 2013 album “Abstracts” was an experiment in taking the symphony form and adapting it to a rock band format. Whilst not exactly “mass-market” it did get considerable airplay on Palace FM, a community radio station in his home town, Redcar. The station even hosted the first official playback of the album in a one-off special. You can hear an excerpt from this work on the Videos page, or why not download the whole album from Noisetrade by clicking here.

In 2014 John recorded an album of original, instrumental jazz tunes inspired by his heroes Kenny Burrell, Charlie Christian, Grant Green and Jim Hall. The album was received well by the critics, many of whom praised the strong melodic sensibility evident throughout the album. Check it out for yourself on the home page of the site.

And hot off the presses, John's new album "No Cure For Stupid" is available to download from his Bandcamp page right NOW! You can have a listen on the home page of this site, too. What are you waiting for?