Making The Modes Easy

  • Curious about modes?
  • Too much jargon to wade though?
  • Tried learning this stuff before & just ended up more confused?


This lesson will explain it all in PLAIN ENGLISH! No heavy duty theory, no 

baffling terminology or complicated scale patterns to learn!

If you can jam with a blues scale or pentatonic, you can kick start your

​lead playing to the next level with this lesson. Here's what you get...

  • Introduction video which explains the general concept.
  • ​12 page PDF booklet explaining the modes in PLAIN ENGLISH!
  • Easy patterns to play all the modes on the neck - if you can play a 

     blues scale/pentatonic these shapes will look VERY familiar.

  • Close-up video demonstrations of guitar solos in every mode.
  • TABS for all these solos in PDF and Guitar Pro Format.
  • ​12 Jam tracks to play along with - 2 in each of the 6 usable modes.

By the time you've completed this lesson, you will be able to play confidently in any mode. Your lead guitar playing will have that "pro" sound you've always wanted!

"How much does it cost?" I hear you ask...

Well, you can transform your lead guitar & do your playing the biggest favour imaginable for the measly sum of £40-00. (+V.A.T.)

That's less than the cost of a night out! Interested? Of course you are! Here's the purchase button: