Play Lead Guitar... The EASY Way!

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Can you play chords OK, but don't have a clue when it comes to soloing? This course shows you how to do it EASILY! ​Minimum amount of music theory & scale practice. This course focuses on licks & solos! Loads of jam tracks in different styles; Solos & licks to learn; Learn how to create your own licks EASILY! ​Free preview.

Making The Modes Easy

Everything explained in plain English - no "techno-babble" jargon; Easy to relate to your familiar blues-scale/pentatonic shapes; Loads of licks for you to learn; Loads of jam tracks to play along with; All the scale patterns you need;​ Free preview.

Stuck in a "blues scale rut?" Want to add more sophistication to your blues solos? Learn the way the pros play the blues... You'll discover how to use the Mixolydian mode, the Dorian mode, double stop licks, & chord note targeting. There's also a section on adding jazzy touches in the manner of Robben Ford. You get LOADS of new licks & plenty of jam tracks, and EVERYTHING is explained in good old plain English - no "technobabble" jargon.

Blues Guitar - Beyond The Pentatonic