Making The Modes Easy

  • Can you play chords OK, but don't have a clue when it comes to soloing?
  • This course shows you how to do it EASILY!
  • ​Minimum amount of music theory & scale practice
  • This course focuses on licks & solos
  • Loads of jam tracks in different styles
  • Solos & licks to learn
  • Learn how to create your own licks EASILY!
  • ​Free preview

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  • Everything explained in plain English - no "techno-babble" jargon
  • Easy to relate to your familiar blues-scale/pentatonic shapes
  • Loads of licks for you to learn
  • Loads of jam tracks to play along with
  • All the scale patterns you need
  • ​Free preview

Play Lead Guitar... The EASY Way!